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What is wrong with us?


As I passionately display my emotions.

It will all mean nothing … As we are all going through the motions.

What is wrong with us?

We need a reality check, but prefer a reality show

We are raised by mothers, but call our women bitches and hoes

Again I ask What is wrong with us?

And then they justify it with a … Boys will be Boys

The hide and seek father finally familiarizes himself with his son with a punch to chest for tearing up for his untimely runs.

“Boy you better not cry, I did it to make you tough. Men don’t cry. Hardin up.”

But Boys will Boys

The confused girl asks her mom. “Why are they playing in the dirt? Why can’t those boys behave?”

And as she clasp her daughter ever so tightly … she answers: Sweety, Boys will be Boys

They’ll give lead for your Jordan’s. That’s called a PB and J

But it’s okay because boys will be boys

If you are what you wear, then he is a wife beater …

It’s love right ?

Tough Love

At first he would chase her but with chasers in his system he changes more than a mannequin

And he uses his spouse as a punching bag … to the back ground music of… stop please stop …

And she would take those blows … and continue to take those blows and continue to take those blows …

like a soldier and like a soldier she deserves arms … That will embrace … her beauty

But instead we glorify the media that objectifies and socially kill our sisters

I guess boys will be boys… Or will they?

Because I heard it takes two to tango

and in order to get respect you must give so …

Ladies what happened … At first you all aspired to be Princess Diana, but now you prefer the Dirty one … Just because you want to be bad?

How short must that skirt be

How much of your breast must visible

Because with that line between those two variables you look so divisible

I am not a bitch or a hoe and as they may be true.

How can you say that when you are the one twerking to misogynistic tunes

Excuse me if my words feel like hurdles

But am I a square, cause I didn’t throw that ass in the circle.

Once again. What’s wrong with us?

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