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Black Mail

Pay attention!

I was watching the news.

To see what was new.

Unfortunately it was a story that I already knew.

And the headline READ.

Just BLUES and RED.

The colors of sirens.

As another black person is pronounced dead.

Oh I get what the news was trying to do.

BLACK is the new RED.

I mean …

BLACK is the new DEAD.

Oh my bad. I messed up again.

BLACK is the new MAIL.

Oh y’all didn’t get that … BLACK is the new MALE.

Get It!


See you still didn’t get the MESSAGE.

Cause if I went to a cop and said I saw you kill that BLACK MALE.

and I said I was going to BLACKMAIL.

and the cop just said,

” aye, oh well.”

and all my BLACK MALES can just get dismissed as SPAM.

Well Got Damn.

That’s called privilege.

Don’t get it twisted the cops don’t love us even if it’s cuffing season.

They love to see BLACK MALES …




I’m a BLACK MALE, so I gotta leave my STAMP .

I’m a BLACK MALE, so I got to EXPRESS myself .

And since all of my MALES are URGENT, I’m about to go POSTAL.

Cause see a horse, Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger.

They belong on shirts.


My friends they don’t belong there.


My females they don’t belong there.


My people guess what they don’t belong there.

For once let’s just forget the theatrics because it is time for the truth.

Because somewhere in America a kid is getting shot like a troop.

Then the government just dips.

Then the news reporters are trying to figure out the scoop.

And all they can say to the crying mother is oops.

There’s a new game named hash tag and I’m it.

There’s a new game named hash tag and we’re it.

How can #Brown boys #Garner attention when their future is #Gray.

We can’t take going #Ford for #Grant-ed.

All the hate and ignorance has to go on and rest.

But are your heart’s really ready for the test.

Cause our whole community is screaming out an SOS.

But hold on for one minute because apple just dropped that new iOS.

But never forget.

We play a game in which we are not meant to go far.

But honestly, I just pray that America doesn’t play it’s TRUMP card.

You can keep your Ks I want to be I-N-G.

Look in the history books we’re all KINGS and QUEENS.

And you correct anybody who doesn’t know what that means.

Because when you’re a BROWN baby you are ROYALTY.

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